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Restore your spaces to their former glory with our superior general construction and renovation services. Our fundamental purpose of the interior renovation is to plan carefully. We don’t believe in guesswork and speculation. We love to clearly define the requirements that are needed to restore space in the renovation process.

Whether you need structural work, improving accessibility, removing or adding walls, or you need to add a story to your building, EverDream will exceed your expectations. We offer luxurious kitchen, bathroom and home renovations. Our team of designers will consider all the relevant factors of designing to deliver you a highly accessible space that will last for generations.

We understand that construction work is expensive. Therefore, we go for a zero error renovation to avoid any modification later. Our team will guide you with a step-by-step renovation process to make your transition to a new space smooth.

  1. Detailed Renovation and Improvement Plan 

We will develop a detailed renovation plan for your space by considering your goals and need for renovation. Our team will explain to you how the renovation process will progress. Moreover, we will break down the project into steps and define a timeline to avoid any misconception. 

2. Listing Down the Material Requirement 

After reaching an understanding of the renovation plan and drawing blueprints, we will list down all the materials that are needed to purchase. This step will include the selection of the quality of materials that you want to be installed at your space. It is a crucial step to avoid any budget disasters later. 

3. Set a Project Budget 

After the blueprints and a complete list of material requirement identification, we will tell you how much budget is required. At this step, we can reconsider the material quality and furnishing brands to adjust the budget that will meet your pocket. We go an extra step to deliver superior home renovation services without increasing your budget. 

4. Build a Timeline

The Next step is to build a timeline for the renovation process. It helps our clients to understand the process clearly. Moreover, renovation is a lengthy process, and it may require lifestyle adjustments. Therefore, a timeline will avoid any unnecessary frustration while the construction process is in progress. 

5. Renovating a Masterpiece 

After clearly defining all the requirements and securing materials, we will start the renovation. You can inspect the construction promptly at your convenience to check the progress. Our team will guide you in understanding how we are making a better place. We provide a superior support system for better communication with our clients.

Contact EverDream to turn your load space into a masterpiece design. Please don’t waste your time searching for general contractors because it will provide you with all in one service.